STORY4 develops short documentaries for nonprofits and foundations. We specialize in constructing vibrant, visual stories. We partner with organizations to create rich media content and collaborate to bring the client’s mission and achievements to life.

STORY4 knows how to maximize the capabilities of the web to reach broader audiences and show the impact of nonprofits in communities through the real-life lens of documentary journalism.

Our team has deep experience working in the nonprofit sector, and understands the need to communicate effectively. Our video content is designed to help create a gathering place for your constituents and build deeper connections among stakeholders.

“Working with Story4 was inspiring. We have worked on many creative projects with many professionals. Story4 simply got it. When Geri said she was collaborative, part of me didn’t believe her. But she listened intently and took every note, every idea into consideration. As a result, the Story4 team followed, amplified and beautifully told the stories of the remarkable, resilient, resourceful women of the Central Valley. We are so proud of ‘Sowing Change’ and will be able to use the film to increase awareness and funding for leaders who are making their communities and our world safer and healthier.”

Cathy Schreiber, Vice President of Development and Communications, Women’s Foundation of California