Today,  readers and decision makers demand video and Web 2.0 applications to learn and process new information.

STORY4 trains professional journalists and non-profit employees with skills in creating unique ways to tell their stories. We build the skills of professionals at all levels to communicate effectively in an array of visual mediums.

“I thought you guys were an inspiration to really hit this new media hard and to have fun doing it.”- Hearst Journalist

STORY4 staff and contributors are experienced teachers and trainers. We have deep experience in visual communication and are passionate about bringing our knowledge to the classroom. Our comfortable demeanor and clarity of message puts students at ease while facing the challenges of learning new technology and techniques. We can customize training programs at any level, from beginner to advanced, including camera use, story generation, editing and packaging.

“I have never felt more support/care/energy for my own personal success, and this has completely changed my own perspective on video. I always said ‘Oh, I’m just a reporter,’ but I’m in love with the beautiful imagery that they have shown and taught me this week. I’m going back inspired and for that, I’m forever grateful. THANK YOU”- Hearst Journalist